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For who still looking for a job

You have some kind of preoccupation? Something is not comfortable for you?

You don't know how look a work?

Don't have a person to support you?

Have difficulty with the japanese language?

Can't apply documents in the city hall?

Worried with your health?

Troubles with the bills?

Don't worry! Join us we can help you!
Together we will fix all your problems

Right now are you satisfy with your job?

Look for best salary?

You have problems in your actual work?

Your actual job don't satisfy?

Your actual work it's too far?

You want change job but be scared?

Together we will fix everything
We will find the right job for you

Here we will find a place of work good for you can be match with you

We have a lot of kinds of job( starting of the most simple, have also somekinds of job what you will need have experience before)

Plastic Injector auto-parts , painting, setting, inspection, process of aluminium, food and maintenance
We have the right job for you!

Our company support

1. Employment placement service

We have contact with a lot of companies plastic injector auto-parts, painting, setting, inspection, porcess of aluminuim, food and maintence

2. Procedural support

Support in city hall and car insurance

3. Health support

Medical exam, hospital with support of translator

4. Moving support

We can help you move out (until 50km)

5. Employee's apartment

We have apartment (In the begin without tax)

6. Agency service of Visa procedure

Agency service of Visa procedure

7. Social meet, confraternization

There is a party to deepen friendship among employees.

Only in here on Kabushikigaisha Komae you will find all the support what you wish
Stable work for you can live free stress security!!!
We looking for responsible persons having the wish of work a long period with us
Be comfortable! We waiting for your call!